Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King Church

Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King Church on King Street West in Hamilton, is a beautiful 13th Century English Gothic style style building, designed by William Russell Souter and built by Pigott Construction Company of Hamilton.

Knowing that Covid was going to prevent any chances of going inside of the church, I took a wander around the property to see if I could find some good angles for drone photos. While at the back of the building I looked up and saw that the sun was peaking through one of the windows in the bell tower. It was the perfect timing for this shot!

Now feeling the inspiration from getting that shot, I got the drone up and started snapping!

It is really difficult to not get a good photo of this gorgeous building and I am pretty happy with the results of this outing. The architecture is truly incredible! I cannot wait to go inside of this building! But until I do, I found a virtual tour.


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