Drone Footage Of Kingston Penitentiary

Opened in 1835 (before Canada’s confederation). Kingston Penitentiary has a history filled with the countries worst criminals, brutal punishments and conditions, and some flat out strange stories.

When it was first opened the rules for inmates were strict! Speaking to each other, giving hand gestures, nodding, winking, and eye to eye contact with each other. Was punished with lashes.

Within 10 years after opening children were also imprisoned behind these walls. An example of this was Antoine Beauche, an 8 year old child who was given a 3 year sentence. The boy received 47 corporal punishments within 9 months, for “childish” offenses.

Throughout the decades Canada’s most well known criminals lived here, including people like Paul Bernardo. A brutal rapist and serial killer. He and his wife Karla Homolka were known as the Barbie And Ken killers.

The prison closed in 2013 and is now a museum. Unfortunately during my visit to Kingston, the museum was closed due to Covid. So I put the drone up and got some great shots!

Photo Set:


For more into about the prison check out this documentary! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5oEe8r2fYs

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