Toronto’s Historic Gooderham Building

Built in 1892 by George Gooderham, the building known as the Gooderham building and the Flatiron building. It stands as a living testament to the city of Toronto’s history.

George Gooderham was the wealthiest person in the province of Ontario. His wealth was accumulated through running a distillery, bank, hotel, and many other ventures. The Gooderham/Flatiron building was considered to be his flagship building.

Mr. Gooderham wanted a 10 story building but the fire department would not allow it. His way around that? 18 foot tall floors, and 5 stories. Bult at a cost of $18,000.

As you can see in the photo’s above, the exterior of the building has been kept fully original. So has the interior including the original elevator!

It is incredible how well the building has been preserved and now used as office space for modern businesses! This is probably why it has become a hot spot for photography.

If you are ever in the Toronto area I would highly recommend paying this historic building a visit!

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