Juggernauting with Steel Wool

With determination I set out with a plan for Saturday night, the Mountain Juggernaut (a.k.a Stone Church Storm Trunk Sewer. With my backpack full of lights and steel wool, the Juggernaut was my selection for darkness and eerie mixed with the excitement of a steel wool fire. The area looked very barren and untouched for some time, perfect for photography. I used the mouth of the Juggernaut with the concrete blockers as tool for gaining depth to this photoset for the long exposure steel wool shots.

Entrance To The Juggernaut Tunnel
First Steel Wool Spin At The Entrance
Second Spin Of Steel Wool At The Entrance

The photos of inside the Juggernaut itself, shows how dark and ominious the sewer appears in minimal lighting. Having previously explored this tunnel, I appreciate how well constructed and enormous this sewer actually is. Keep your eyes peeled for an updated explore here through the tunnels soon!

Inside The Juggernaut
Pool Inside The Juggernaut

Taking the opportunity of a clear evening, I continued my venture from the sewer to the streets of Hamilton, overlooking the Lincoln Alexander Parkway to be precise. Feeling creative with my long exposure success from the steel wool shots earlier, I set out for light trails. The perfect conditions for light trails; copious traffic and low lighting. I still managed to use the minimal sunset I had left to add dynamic to the background of the photo. Photos below.

Sunset At The Link
Looking East On The Link
Around The Bend Of The Link

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