A Crane Hunting In The Swamp

While on a Sunday afternoon hike on the Spencer Creek Trail in Dundas Ontario. I spotted a large white bird on the other side of a pond that is surrounded by swamp. I thought it was a swan because of the bright white color but after watching its movements, I realized it was a Crane. This is the first time that I have seen a white Crane in the area, usually you will see some Blue Herons but not Cranes.

I slowly started to walk into the swampy area and to my surprise the Crane was making it’s way towards me. I stopped at a spot with several grey trees (I was wearing grey pants and a grey hoody) to blend in and stay hidden. The bird slowly made it’s way closer and closer while hunting, stopping every few minutes and catching small fish. When it got within 20 yards of me (Cranes are very timid and rarely allow you to get close) some loud people went by on the trail behind me and spooked it. Leaving me to wonder how close it would have come if there wasn’t anyone else around!

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