Smoke And Tunnels

My daughter Emily and I took advantage of a beautiful afternoon by hiking to the remains of an abandoned power plant. We have been to it a few times before, but on this hike we found something new! An opening to a tunnel, that was part of the plant. We ventured through the roughly 100 yard long tunnel until we reached a point where it had caved in.

In typically fashion for myself, I started devising what photos I could do here. The darkness inside would have been perfect for light painting or steel wool. But I didn’t bring my tripod, expecting to be out in the bright sun I didn’t see the need to have it. What I did have with me was a couple of smoke grenades and we set up at the opening of the tunnel and started snapping away.

We weren’t prepared to do smoke grenade portraits or photos, but we were still happy with the results! I wasn’t done though and spotted a small waterfall.

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