Abandoned 1970s Public Housing Community

Located on James Street South in Hamilton Ont. This townhouse complex was built in the 1970s and was home to countless families in its 50 years of use. Due to on site security and security cameras, access to the interior of the units is impossible (I have been trying for more than a year).

As one would imagine, there was a high amount of crime, drug abuse and gang activity that went on in the community. Many years ago, a guy I worked with moved into the community. I remember he was very happy that it would be an improvement for him and his children. Within a week of being moved in, there was a shooting literally about 10 feet away from his front door.

Now the community has sat vacant and abandoned for nearly 2 years and is awaiting demolition. The city plans to build larger public housing buildings on the land.

Which to me is very strange, not that they are building more units to help low income families. But that they kicked everyone out and have let it sit for so long before starting construction. Hamilton’s city housing program currently has a waiting list that has a nearly 10 year wait. This probably did not help!

To add just a little bit more about the reality of it, directly across the street there is a tent city. This is the first tent city that I have seen in the city, that has children living at it.

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