Abandoned Quaint And Creepy Victorian Farm

This serene, beautiful yet creepy Victorian farmhouse, circa 1850s was a once in a lifetime find. Sitting and rotting in isolation, the farmhouse and attached barn created a mystery that I needed to explore. 

The Victorian farmhouse had exposed decades of decay with paint peel, retro wallpaper and exposed wood panels in its structure. With vines suffocating the outside walls, the inside felt stagnant but with a sense of reminiscence and energy of a household that once belonged to a busy farming family. I had also discovered an old rusted wood-burning furnace in the basement!

I felt a strong need to explore the outside area with a silos and a barn situated next to an abandoned boat being swallowed by weeds and vines. As soon as I entered the barn, I felt an overwhelming ominous feeling, with darkness and creepy vibes. The mood only enhanced as I walked through chained hooks and an old rocking horse covered by a child’s striped overalls. The rotting barn was a highlight of my explore.

It is believed through research that this abandoned Victorian farmhouse will be demolished by Government for a cannabis plantation. The drone footage and photo set truly show how desolate and vast the land and farmhouse is. 



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