Abandoned Time Capsule Bed And Breakfast

In a small Ontario town this house was used as a bed and breakfast, it has sat abandoned with everything left behind since 2006. According to dates found inside.

The couple who owned and operated the business were Croatian and seemed to be very supportive of a Fascist government and interested in Nazi Germany.

Photo Set:

The next couple of photos are what intrigued me the most about this location.

A couple of the books about Nazi’s that I found and a memorial set up inside of a wardrobe.

The man in the military uniform was the first president of Croatia (1990-1999) Franjo Tudjman

Franjo was born in 1922 and fought during WW2 for communist partisans in Croatia. During the second world war, Croatia had a Nazi puppet state and also committed genocides against Jews, Serbs, and Roma populations (With an estimated 500,000 victims).

By 1960 Franjo became one of the youngest generals in the army.

He was outspoken on nationalist issues, including the charge that Yugoslav authorities had inflated the crimes committed by Croatian Nazis. These critisms led to his expulsion from the Communist Party in 1967 and dismissal from his job. During the 1970s and 1980s he was jailed twice for antigovernment activities.

When he became president, Franjo adopted neofascist policies and nominated “former” Croatian Fascists to government positions. He adapted Fascist symbols and employed Fascists committees. He lived in a grand house that belonged to a Croatian Jewish family before World War II.

He was described as “the onetime Communist general who is a reborn nationalist”

During the 1995 civil war his government troops undertook extensive ethnic cleansing campaigns in western Slavonia and the historically Serbian region of Krajina, forcing the evacuation of some 150,000 Croatian Serbs to Serbia and Serb-held areas of Bosnia. It has been said that if he was alive today, he would have been charged with war crimes.

During the explore I did not understand the connection between the Croatian and German items left behind in the house but it would seem that the owners supported the far right Fascist government of Croatia and Nazi Germany.

Let me know in the comments if you think they could have been Fascism supporters.


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