Abandoned Vintage House

Before getting into the information about this incredible home, I want to share my backstory of how things almost went terribly wrong for me at this location.

I found this house in the winter of 2019, but the house was fully sealed up when I visited. I left the location as one to keep a close eye on because I completely fell in love with the exterior of the house.

My second trip was where it went bad. I went on a nice spring afternoon, but within minutes of stepping foot on the property a car pulled into the driveway. I quickly left, even though the person in the car didn’t get out and seemed to have no interest in me. Thinking it could just be a coincidence, I went back that night and again within minutes of being on the property multiple cars pulled into the driveway. I watched from the bushes as nearly a dozen people with flashlights and dogs inspected the house and searched the land around it. I made my way out to the road and a car slowly drove behind me as I walked to a nearby subdivision.

The property clearly had motion censors, trail cams or other security features. But these were not security guards or police that arrived. Leading me to believe that there was something going on at the house that I didn’t want to tangle with. And despite loving the exterior. This was one I would sadly never return to.

Until another explorer posted a video on Tik Tok of the exterior and interior of the house this week. I spoke to them and after being told they had no issues, I knew the time to go is now!

Info about the house:

With an estimated build date between the 1830s and 1900. This was one of the first houses in what was a small agricultural town. A town this now a growing city.

Purchased in the 1970s by a young couple, they raised a large family in the home and lived here until a few years ago. The husband passed away and then only a year later his wife also passed. The city they annexed the property for the building of a new community in the near future

Exterior Photo set:

Interior Photo Set:


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