Exploring History Ep 1: Auchmar Mansion

Auchmar Estate, is a nineteenth century gothic revival architectural style manor that stands as one of Hamilton Ontario’s historic masterpieces. First construction commenced in 1882 and was home to the Honourable Isaac Buchanan, a notable member of Parliament that served over two decades for Canada. The name Auchmar was derived from Buchanan’s aristocrat family owned estate in Scotland. This historic manor is not only well known for his magnificent build and design, this manor had numerous high society notable visitors. Most prominent to walk through these halls being Pope John Paul II and Prince of Wales during the year of 1860.

This estate has a long history of many owners and residents after Buchanan’s passing in 1883. Notably, in 1943 the Royal Canadian Air Force rented the manor and converted the estate to a hospital for WWII veterans. 

Special thanks to the city of Hamilton and Leanne Pluthero (https://www.instagram.com/auchmar/ https://www.facebook.com/Auchmar) for this explore! I was invited to do the photo’s for Leanne’s book on the history of Auchmar and without that and permission from the city it would not have been possible!


*Update* Exploring based video, July 25 2021:

History based video:

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