Rare And Dangerous Abandoned House (BUILT IN 1920)

On the outskirts of a Toronto suburb, where cookie cutter neighborhoods are replacing farmland. I found this house while driving down a dark road. Hidden by trees and bushes this house instantly drew me in, before I even had any idea of how cool of a find this was!

The land originally had a church on it, until the early 1900s when it was destroyed by fire. The land was then purched and this house was built in 1920.

It is one of the last examples of American foursquare architecture in the area. The heritage commity for the town describes the house as

“The house is of particular value as it has been largely unaltered and so retains its historical floor plan, original internal doors, architraves, simple decorative wooden floors and trim”

Despite this, it sits overgrown and decayed past any repair.

Photo Set:

The historic features in this house are amazing and I was able to find photos of some features, from before it became abandoned. Personally my favorite feature is the original 1920 phone nook!


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