Strange Abandoned 1928 Farmhouse With Sealed Room

At the end of a very long day of exploring, it was decided that we would check one last location. An old farmhouse that was built in 1928.

The exterior of the house has a very vintage 1920s look and I was beyond happy that the first and second floors of the interior was the same, with many historic and cool features!

It was when I made my way into the basement that the house started to get strange. The first room in the basement was a typical dirty room with stone walls and floor.

The next room that was connected to this one, is completely different! Not only a finished room, but a finished room with a mural spanning across all of the walls.

Then a small hallway with more art and two doors. One went through to an empty dirty room with cat dishes and another to a room that we could not determine if it was a sauna or used for something else. It had the water taps and drain in the floor that a sauna would, but also had an electrical outlet which would not be safe in a sauna and did not have that ‘sauna smell’ at all.

Another interesting feature in the basement was the use of logs as support beams.

After being amazed and wondering what would be found next, I made my way to the attic. We found an open room with a black block of wood painting black on the ceiling. Then a door completely sealed off. Screwed shut! Whoever sealed this door did not want anyone to see what is on the other side of it!

Unfortunately this house has left me with many questions. In weeks of research into it’s background and history, I have found literally nothing about it! So for now it is a mystery just like what is behind that door.

Check out the video to see this strange house in full.

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