The Century Manor Tunnels

Following on from my Century Manor explores, I photographed what I believe is probably the most ‘mysterious’ part on the property. The tunnels. These tunnels once formed part of an underground system that connected the whole hospital grounds. The photographs show the last remains of the main hospital building known as the Barton Building.

The ‘mysterious’ element of this part of the property is due to the tunnels being sealed. They are now unable to be explored. The tunnel featured in the photographs below is caved in about 20 feet inside. Looking at the tunnel system it is hard not to take an insight into how they were used. It was a method of transporting patients from one part of the hospital to another, while also serving as a way for staff to be accessible quite quickly.

The photographs indicate how old and abandoned this area now is. Overgrown vines and moss covers the rocks and entry of the tunnels.

Entrance to the tunnel
Tunnel that collapsed
Overgrown vines
Original stone details

Stay tuned for future video’s exploring what is left inside of the tunnels!

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