Halloween Horrors in the Smokey Forest

In my first Halloween photoset for the year, my desired look was a dark, smoky and mysterious theme playing on the horrors of the unknown. Something only nightmares are made of with a creature, demon or killer lurking in the forest.

Initially I had planned to make use of a storm drain in the nearby area located in Kings Forest, Hamilton. However, I was unfortunately unable to locate the drain due to the dense thick brush. I had to improvise so I found a perfect patch of pine trees instead. Kings Forest was an ideal location for this ominous photoset, with a moody ambience. The color explosion effect was created by smoke grenades and the colors captured were a perfect match for the mask.

Using effective tools such as smoke grenades and masks can really make a photoshoot quite creative and visually striking. The aim behind this photoshoot is to show contrast in color, tone and how creative a shoot can be. The result leaves the viewer to their imagination on how this horrifying scene will end.

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