Witching Hour at the Abandoned Farmhouse

As the wind rushes through the tall grass on an abandoned farm, the wind starts to howl. The old wooden farmhouse door creaks slightly ajar, creating a sense of curiosity and pressing fear.

I keep myself at a safe distance, I conceal myself behind some tall trees wrecking my brain, wondering how I got here. I looked at my watch, realizing hours had passed since my last known memory of being at home. I cannot remember how I found myself in this field of dead grass. Could it be a dream? And how did I even get here?

Peering behind a tree to catch a better look at the farmhouse, I see no life, only deathly silence. I can’t help but try talking myself into a false sense of bravery, just to stay calm. I mean after all, what was I so scared of? But inside I know. I just know this doesn’t feel right, I lost my whereabouts and the overwhelming feeling that something bad was about to happen was growing. At least I am alone… or so I thought…

As I am at a standstill peering through the trees at the dilapidated farmhouse. I suddenly get the feeling that I am no longer alone. My heart starts to pound faster, so fast that I am out of breath. I rub my eyes again and again but I see something. I see a figure. It looks like a scarecrow, only alive!! It is moving toward me!! This cannot be real!

With no time to question it, I make a break for it and find a safe spot and seem to have lost this thing. This scarecrow was almost toying with me, teasing me, mocking my existence. Like it knew better, it knew what was about to happen. At this point, my mind is racing but I feel a slight sense of relief that I cannot see it anymore. I cannot help it but I am absolutely petrified. What am I doing here? I have to find out what is in that house! Maybe I am crazy, but I have to find out.

I built up the courage to take one big step forward toward the house. To my absolute shock, the creaky front door leading from the porch swings wide open. I hear a loud laugh. It is an evil laugh, the kind that you would hear from a witch. Except witches aren’t real! I am absolutely frozen. I cannot move. It is like my legs are completely weighted down stuck to the ground. Suddenly, red smoke fills the air and the front of the decayed porch.

A gust of wind blows through the smoke and reveals a black dark figure standing there. The laughter is so loud it is now surrounding me, completely smothering me. I feel stuck, I can’t move!!

I cannot scream, even if I could no one would hear me. As my mind is racing, I realise what is standing only a short distance away from me. Appearing from the smokey red haze is a witch! Am I going crazy? It is a witch! We lock eyes as she stares right through my soul. She is standing on the porch just laughing and staring. That was the moment when she let out the most ear piercing deathly screech. In that moment, all I remember was dropping to the floor. I was so terrified that I must of blacked out.

I woke up feeling so cold and I was shivering. But this time, I was in a different location. I was so confused. Waking up trying to get my bearings, I look at my watch and realized hours had passed since I was at the farm. Where am I? This MUST have been a dream! Of course, I must have been having a nightmare. Trying to justify this to myself in a state of confusion, I looked down at my floor and realise I was in my bedroom. But when I looked down, I saw grass and dirt on my shoes and floorboards. The same dead grass and dirt from the farm. My hand is hurting. Looking at my right hand, I noticed a red dark scar. A symbol etched into my skin. I am trying to rub it off in disgust and fear. I don’t know what that symbol means, but I live with this scar everyday. It is a constant reminder and I think of her.

I close my eyes and I see her. When I dream, I see her. She haunts me. I hear her whispers. Sometimes she tells me to go back. Back to that farm, she says “go to where the woodbine twineth”. She promises there is something for me that I need. I am considering going back…

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