Send in the Fear of Clowns

This Halloween photoshoot channels a very dark menacing look with a psychotic clown. Shooting in a tunnel under the train tracks located in Battlefield Park in Stoney Creek, the darkness and contrast in colours played a role in this theme. Playing on a fear that seems quite common among people, Coulrophobia, has been a historical theme captured in many horror movies from the 1980s. The most famous movie in this era was Stephen King’s IT. For anyone that watched this movie as a child, they would know that if you didn’t hate clowns before, you would likely hate them now after watching the film! This shoot was inspired from decades of Halloween culture that formed many fears and relic movies. I also incorporated the red light highlights through the tunnel to emphasise the dangerous and ominious feel. I leave this shoot asking one question, “would you like a balloon?”.

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