Scrap Yard

This explore and set of photographs was an amazing find. Particularly for anyone who loves classic tractors, cars and trucks. With special permission from the owner I was able to explore this what looked like a scrapyard, but was just abandoned vehicles on the property, complete relics of their time. A great example of this was the two versions of famous Massey-Ferguson tractors. This was a iconic farming tractor and an incredible nostalgic piece of history.

Next was the Ford Pick Up truck. A baby blue classic model from the 1970s rusted and almost looking relatively in tact. I even spotted a couple of white retro delivery trucks! This was an incredible and odd find. For anyone who is a retro vehicle fanatic, this was a rare and very exciting exploration. As there was a vast and extensive range of abandoned retro vehicles, I didn’t get the opportunity to explore the whole yard. However I plan to revisit this property with the owner’s permission to capture more amazing finds. So stay tuned!

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