Long Exposure Forms

Long exposure photography can be used for a variety of outcomes pending on your goal. This photography set had incorporated a few various styles throughout one evening. The long exposure technique can make light move like a stream, create a ‘milky’ appearance for water movement and even produce spurts of fiery sparks with steel wool.

Steel Wool Long Exposure Photography
Fountain at Gore Park using Long Exposure for a milky water effect

The technique of long exposure requires patience, a still hand (mainly a tripod) and various forms of either light, water or a moving object. The aim is to create an extended or long lasting appearance of that subject matter. In the instances below, I used all of the above, steel wool, water and traffic to create this effect. For any new beginners willing to try long exposure photography, I would highly recommend practice, patience and focusing on one type of subject to perfect that appearance that you are after. Please be aware that steel wool can be quite dangerous to not only yourself but to your surroundings, so take precautions and do your research before attempting this!

Traffic Captured Through Long Exposure Under a Train Bridge
Light Trails Created by Traffic
Light Trails with Traffic with Flowers in the Foreground

With long exposure photography, it is also great to add some context or contrast. I had used my surroundings to capture these shots with various foregrounds such as the flowers. The element of nature adds to a city centric frame.

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