The Westinghouse company founded it’s Canadian branch in Hamilton Ont. And by 1903 opened the Westinghouse HQ.

The company opened sprawling production facilities across the city. One of them was a multi building complex on Longwood Rd. Most of the buildings have been demolished or repurposed, but this last one remains.

McMaster University repurposed some of the buildings to create the McMaster Innovation Park. They have now also purchased this building with plans of saving it as well. Although the design concepts show it looking very different. See the concepts here:


Since it is owned, security is high so we were unable to gain access to the inside. But did stick our camera’s inside of some broken windows.

It is unfortunate that we didn’t get to have a wander inside, but it is one of those bitter/sweet situations. This building with broken windows and covered with graffiti is being saved and converted. So it’s history will remain!

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