Wandering Photos #1: Insane Steel Wool In 125 Year Old Tunnel

Wandering Photos is a new video series I am creating, where I literally wander around and see what kind of photos or ideas that I can come up with.

“Only ideas won by walking have any value.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Whenever I’m a bit down, happy, excited or anything my to go to hobbies are walking and photography. Both act as a “meditative practice”, so why not combine the two and see what creative ideas can come from it (The majority of my favorite photos have been created this way, just going for a wander and see what happens).

For this first episode I started the night unsure of where I was going, but did know that I wanted to do some steel wool photos. I thought about going to lake Ontario to utilize reflections in the water, then considered going to a waterfall. Then I thought of the Hunter Street TH&B train tunnel (Downtown Hamilton). A great spot for steel wool and all types of light painting. Pitch dark with great 125 year old architecture!

The original idea was to spin steel wool at the entrance of the tunnel, this changed due to some large roadkill on the tracks. I ventured further inside and started to spin. Several regular steel wool shots then several with color added into the steel wool.

It was quite the night and a great start to Wandering Photos! Check out the video of the adventure here:

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