Abandoned Cult House

Built in the 1950s this bungalow is known to locals as the cult house.

On the exterior the house looks like a typical abandoned home, once inside the feeling of mystery and the creeps hits you like a tonne of bricks.

After more than a decade of abandonment, we are going to explore and dig into the story of the Cult house!

The title of Cult House comes from the 1990s when it was owned by Dr. David Galston and his religious organization the church of united springs was run out of the living room.

I have been able to find no information about what was taught in the living room, but after leaving this property Dr. David Galston became the Executive Director of the Westar Institute.

The institute describes itself as “Bridging the gap between scholarship of religion and popular culture” and “home of the Jesus Seminar”. A group of roughly 50 biblical scholars and 100 other people who would vote with colored beads to decide their collective view on the deeds of Jesus.

Dr. David Galston then founded
his own institute titled: The SnowStar institute but as of the year 2020, the website for this organization no longer exists.

I don’t know if the doctor was the head of a cult or simply a religious scholar who held unorthodox belief, what do you think?

Either way this was one eerie and exciting explore that I am beyond happy that we were able to document it before it is gone!

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