Albion Falls At Dusk

Albion falls is a 62 foot tall cascade waterfall located in the east end of Hamilton. After many people needed to be rescued from the bottom of the waterfall, access has been closed and people are limited to checking it out from two viewing platforms at the top.

City By-law officers are on site and ready to hand out $350 fines for anyone who goes to the base of the falls, so I wasn’t ready to push my luck. Especially when I have a drone!

Being there at dusk and with the Autumn colors really highlighted how beautiful Albion falls is! Any nature photographers dream location!

Despite the stunning beauty of this waterfall, it has a sorted history (not including the rescues). It has the nickname of lovers leap, because a woman named Jane Reilly jumped off the top to commit suicide after being rejected by a man. Other stories of car accidents and even that a killer named Evelyn Dick threw the headless remains of her husband in the area. You can read more about these stories at:

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