Felkers Falls

This hike started at little Davis Falls (also known as lower Felkers Falls), along Davis Creek. The smaller sized waterfall is 10 feet tall and 18 feet wide.

During the hike, I spotted what looked like small caves. My curiosity got the better of me and surely enough I found myself hiking to the top to see what these caves were. Getting closer, I thought I spotted eyes peering from the cave and immediately I thought of coyotes! Luckily, I was wrong upon closer look. They were just aluminium cans glistening with a bit of sunlight. These caves were in fact inhabited with coyotes, with the evidence of droppings at the entrance. After a bit of research, a lot of locals in the area have reported coyotes inhabiting at Felker’s Falls and nearby areas. It is known that seasonal changes and scarce natural food sources will instigate more of a coyote presence.

Spanning across 22 metres in height and situated in Stone Creek, Hamilton, is Felker’s Falls. Ribbon styled in its structure, this waterfall is close-by to some other historic landmarks such as the Bruce Trail and the Devil’s Punchbowl. Importantly, Felker’s Falls was actually formerly owned and founded by John Benjamin Felker, whom was born, lived and died on this land, from (1880-1956). His children had since sold the property and hence its current land status as a subdivision. Although some neighboring land is still privately owned.

In my recent hike to Felker’s Falls, I captured some diverse colors throughout the rockface and residual leaves. With the anticipation of snowfall soon, my photographs during my hike were to illustrate the textures and layering of the rockface. With every layer of rock, carved out the natural flow of water gushing onto the lower falls areas. The area has a very serene feel with the waterfall being a clear attraction.

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