Abandoned Mansion Built In 1868

Built in 1868, this Canadian Farmer Italianate style house, is one of the last original houses left from what was one of the most prominent towns in the area. Despite sitting in a state of abandonment and decay, some of the historic features remain and the story of its origins it quite interesting!

Harvey Morris Switzer immigrated to Canada from Ireland with his parents in 1832 and by 1844 he came the town to become a general merchant. Along with his wife Martha, they lived in a home connected to his general store and post office.

After buying 20 acres of land the family house was completed in 1868.

Harvey become one of the most prominent and successful businessmen in the township. He was postmaster, a county magistrate and commissioner in the court of Queens bench, and a trustee of the Hamilton and Northwestern Railway. He was also a captain and paymaster in the local militia.

After Harvey and his wife passed away, the house was owned by several families over the decades.

The house has been abandoned for years and is in bad shape because of vandals. It has also now been sold to a development company.

This historic house’s future is uncertain and seems bleak, so I am glad we got to explore and document it while we could


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