Sunset At The Canal

My good friend Carlo asked if I wanted to try magnet fishing, something that I had never considering doing before. But who am I to turn down an opportunity of trying something new? We got together, made our way to the Niagara region and before I knew it we where tossing heaving magnets off the side of a small bridge.

After a while of not finding anything we decided to check out another bridge. An old closed off bridge over water that had way too much seaweed etc. in it for magnet fishing. The scenery and reflections did make for a great photo though!

As we stood on the bridge talking about finding another location, I looked over my shoulder and saw the top of a ship passing through the Welland canal. We both immediately started running towards the canal and after the roughly 100 yard dash. Set up to take photos and video. I reached for my phone to take a video with it and realized it wasn’t in my pocket. I though oh no it must have fallen while I was running! Do I go look for it or get the shots first?

This is when I saw another ship coming from the other direction. It would have been really cool to get the two of them passing each other in the canal, but this gave me the chance to go find my phone and still get some photos. Off I went, running full tilt back to the bridge we had been standing on. I found my phone on the bridge and sprinted back to the canal. around 300 yards of running, almost loosing a phone and all I got where these photos lol. I would call that a win/win, a work out and some stunning images!

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