Abandoned Family Business

Heading down an industrial road we spotted an old and decaying building. As we approached it we assumed that it was an autobody shop, but research proved that wrong and these buildings tell the tale of a family business who’s influence is still felt today!

Owned by the Rubin family from 1950 to 2012 these buildings were used for a scrap metal proccessing.

Harry Rubin was involved in the scrap metal industry dating back to the early 1900’s. In 1904 his brother in law Myer Salit immigrated to Canada from Poland and after watching Harry’s success he decided to try the scrap metal industry out. This was the beginning of Salit Steel, a large and well known steel company in Niagara Falls.

Rubin and Sons Ltd was in business until 2012. It closed after lengthy court cases with the federal government, due to toxic PCBs being stored on the property.

After closing the business, the federal government cleaned the land and it has sat vacant and abandoned since.


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