Tews Falls In December

Winter hiking is one of my favorite past times and when frozen waterfalls are added, it is always an amazing time!

My friend and fellow photographer, Megan, and I knew we had a short window to see Tews Falls starting to form ice. Warmer weather was in the forecast and the ice would more than likely melt. So we got to Dundas Valley and starting hiking along Spencer Creek.

We made it to Lower Tews Falls, a 12 foot tall twin curtain waterfall. We set up and starting taking shots.

I wanted to get as close to the waterfall as possible, so I went closer than Megan was in the above photo. I started snapping away and right after I took the photo below, my one foot broke through the ice and my leg was waist deep in the water!

With a soaking wet leg, we pushed on upstream. I was set on getting the main waterfall.

The moment we got to Tews falls, a 135 foot tall ribbon waterfall. Snow flurries started so not only did we have to compete with the mist from the waterfall, snow was added. Making it very difficult to keep the lens on the camera clean and dry. After a while of struggling I finally got the shot I was after!

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