Abandoned 1870s Victorian Farm

“The most prominent type of Victorian architecture in Ontario was the house. Whether it was a large farm in the country, a small workers cottage, or a town house in a growing urban center, the one thing you could count on with Victorian design was that there was always a lot going on”. Source: http://www.ontarioarchitecture.com/Victorian.htm

This house does not have “a lot going on” on its exterior, but remains of those details are still visible. The wood brackets along the roof, lines in the bricks where a porch would have been, and the brick arches above the window and doors. In it’s time this house was probably beautiful!

Built in the 1870’s this old farm house was home to members of a family who was known as one of the biggest agricultaral producers in the area.

The house is now waiting on the wrecking ball, along with a few others in the area. For new development.


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