The Chedoke Radial Trail

Spanning across nearly 3 kilometers, the Chedoke Radial Trail is a picturesque and popular destination in Hamilton, Ontario. The location is part of the Bruce Trail and overlooks the Niagra Escarpment, West End of Hamilton and the Dundas Valley.

The origination for the ‘radial’ dates back to 1908 with the construction of the Brantford and Hamilton Electric Railway. This reportedly to be the last radial or known as interurban railway constructed in the Hamilton area. It has been documented that the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry set up a rifle range near this rail line and consequently the lengthy stone wall still present, was used to protect railway passengers from stray bullets. Only a short distance away is Rifle Range Road , named accordingly, and can be seen by the rail line. This photoset also shows the bridge that was constructed over 13 years ago to cross over the culverts with gushing water.

The Autumn months of Hamilton and particularly the nature reserve areas present the most beautiful foliage throughout the dense lush areas of these trails. With the change in climate and temperatures, we are fortunate to see nature’s perfect display of the transitions in color pigmentation due to the chemical changes in the leaves. This creates a photographer’s ideal photo set with nature nearly doing all the work. This area, encompassing nearby waterfalls, experiences vast differences in visual composition throughout the various seasons. From the Autumn orange warm spectrum to a dusted snow white coating in winter, the trails are a diverse location for a dynamic range of composition and colors.

The photographs in this collection include drone footage to quantify the size of the area, the surrounding features such as the rail and golf course and wider coverage of Hamilton city. It also gives scope to the natural variations of color display alongside the rich history of the area.

Drone video:

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