The Only Thing To Fear Is Fear Himself

It was the late 1980’s when I was introduced to the Nightmare On Elm Street series. Being a young boy, the concept of Freddy Krueger invading dreams and slashing his victims in creative and strange ways captivated me. I was hooked and then add the corny 80’s one liners (Like the title of this post) and Freddy quickly became my favorite slasher in an era that had Micheal Myers, Jason, Chucky and many more!

For Halloween 2020, I wanted to pay homage to my favorite movie slasher. So I spent weeks going to different locations and creating scenes. The first location was under a highway overpass. I used a red light to light paint the scene and captured these shots.

The second location is an abandoned Studebaker car factory. The old run down industrial feel was prefect for a Freddy scene or two. It was even better when I found the graffiti “God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son”. Which I saw as a great reference to A Nightmare On Elm Street 5 – The Dream Child.

The third and final location was a walking tunnel in downtown Hamilton. I didn’t really get any inspiration from the films for this location. I liked the lighting and vibe of the tunnel and think it fits the creepy scene perfectly!

I think it is the childhood memories and nostalgia of Freddy Krueger that made this the most fun Halloween series that I have done to date! Let me know what you think of how the photo set’s turned out!

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