Emily in Downtown Hamilton

When you plan for a photoshoot, typically you will be faced with unexpected challenges. When these challenges arise, the best thing to do is use them to your advantage!

Emily and I set out to do a photoshoot outdoors and of course after we snapped a few good shots, the rain set in!

I spotted another opportunity while Emily was at the crossing, and used the nostalgic classic car which really complimented her outfit.

We had not let rain stop us before, so we forged ahead with a plan B. Using some alternative nearby indoor locations such as the mall, we managed to pull off a successful shoot. Looking absolutely beautiful in her floral dress, Emily and I decided, why not an umbrella! Yes, we probably could have worked that out a little earlier, but nonetheless we both loved the look it gave. A city rain vibe mixed with a casual stroll.

Sometimes whether your photoshoot is has a lot of work pre-planning or if it is spontaneous, always expect challenges. The most important thing is to use those challenges to your advantage as they can often be your greatest shot or photographic achievement you can be proud of. Keep an innovative mind and be open to trying new things!

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