Upper Sydenham Falls Starting To Freeze

I have been patiently waiting for winter to set in, with hopes of winter hiking. But I have been left waiting since we have had minimal snow and very mild temperatures so far.

In the last week the temperatures have stayed around -5 Celsius and we got a little bit of snow. So I decided to head out to Dundas Ontario to see if I could find a frozen waterfall. Knowing that some of the larger waterfalls in Dundas that have high waterflow and would not be frozen yet. I made my way to Sydenham Falls. A 45 foot tall complex ribbon fall, that does not have as much waterflow. I made my way down the trail and as soon as the waterfall became visible, I knew I made the right choice!

I quickly made my way to the base of the waterfall and started to admire the amazing ice formations.

Then I noticed a way to peak behind the ice formations. I slowly climbed a small 10 foot tall ridge along the base of the escarpment. A task that usually would take less than a minute ended up taking more than 10 minutes, but was more than worth it!

Going to any frozen waterfall can be amazing! The ice formations, calm and serenity really displays the beauty of winter! I cannot wait to visit more waterfalls during the winter.

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