Frames on James Street

The James Street, in Hamilton Ontario, peak hour attracts a diverse range of scenes and people. It is quite easy as a photographer to be lost in the moment and play an observer. Street photography is one of my favourite styles due to this reason. One person’s every day mundane routine becomes a photographers capture. The mood, the motion, the framing and lighting can attribute to an eventful street scene or make it a story.

With this photoset, there were quick scenes that I managed to be at the ready. Sometimes it may look easy to get ‘that’ shot but often it is timely and very challenging. Photographing moving subjects, whether it be people or other, requires a quick eye to frame the shot while setting your shutter to a speed that will either sharpen the movement or blur the movement depending on the desired effect. James Street was a perfect spot for this set as during peak times, there are many stories to frame.

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