Rush Hour Jazz

There is no better way to start the day then taking a random wander around the city looking for street scenes to do photos of! In my opinion anyway.

This morning during rush hour I had captured a few neat scenes, then heard a saxophone playing and playing so well that I thought it was coming from a car stereo. But as the cars passed by the music continued. I walked about a block down John St. in downtown Hamilton, to find a busker belting out some jazz at the base of a Sir John A MacDonald statue. I walked over to him and told him how amazing it was to see and hear him playing, but I had no cash on me. I offered to buy him a coffee not seeing that he already had one. He was very receptive to me taking photos of him while he played, even smiling at me and saying I am going to play my favorite song for you.

He played as I took photos and then we spoke a little bit more. This extremely talented saxophone musician’s name is Dave and if you are ever lucky enough to come by him and you enjoy Jazz music, you will be in for a treat!

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