Abandoned 180 Year Old Jail

On an unexpected trip to Barrie Ontario, I searched online for historic and cool places to check out. The best find was the old and abandoned Barrie jail (also known as the Barrie Goal or Barrie Bucket).

It was open 1841 and housed prisoners until 2001. During this time five prisoners were hung in the jail. James Carruthers age 48 on 11 June 1873 for the murder of his wife, John Tryon age 47, on Dec 30, 1873 for the murder of Francis Fisher, George O’Neil, 47 years, on Jan 4, 1929, for the murders of Azor Robertson and Ruby Irene Martin, Thomas Wesley Campbell, age 54, on Jan 4, 1932, for the murder of William Campbell, his father; Lloyd Wellington Simcoe, age 18 in 1945 for murder.

Unfortunately exploring the interior will not be happening in the near future, as the building sits within 10 feet of the court house for the city and has extensive security. So I had to settle with checking out the exterior, which did not disappoint at all!

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