Abandoned And Untouched Doctor’s Office/House

This explore is a revisit of an old doctor’s house/office.

The doctor ran his practice for more than 50 years and in those decades of service he held many positions, in addition to doing house calls and delivering babies until his retirement in 1998.

He was a coroner for 26 years and was involved in several cases with large media attention. This included a case where a mother and daughter starved themselves to death, the murder of a local business man that was so brutal the Rabbi at his funeral stated “life is a slaughterhouse”. Innocent people were jailed for the crime but later released with the charges dropped. The murder still remains unsolved to this day.

The doctor was also involved in cases of teen suicides and was quoted: “I think a lot of young people today, they aren’t seeing anything of an afterlife… they haven’t any belief in a greater life or a greater being.”

He worked at a large hospital and also at a jail. That’s right, this doctor was making house calls while working as a coroner, at the hospital and at a jail!

Dr Bob (as he was known) settled in the town after attending university, this is when he met his wife. A local nurse. In the late 1940s the couple had opened a family practice and this house was completed in 1952. Their practice located on the lower floors and their home above.

After more than 5 decades of unrelenting service to the community and 62 years of marriage with his wife, Dr. Bob passed away in 2012 of heart failure in his home.

He is survived by his wife and children, one of which is also a doctor. She is also a founding member of Doctors Without Borders Canada.

This is a family with generations of service to both their community and the world! I am humbled by the chance to tell part of their story.


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