Revisit To Auchmar Mansion

I was beyond excited when my friend and local historian Leanne asked if I wanted to go back inside of Auchmar. In our last visit I was asked to do photos for her book, which is now out! Check it out here:

You can learn all about the Auchmar estate in her book, and if you have never seen Auchmar or this is your first time learning about it, here is a brief breakdown of this amazing properties history. Read more at:

Auchmar Estate, is a nineteenth century gothic revival architectural style manor that stands as one of Hamilton Ontario’s historic masterpieces. First construction commenced in 1854 and was home to the Honourable Isaac Buchanan, a notable member of Parliament that served over two decades for Canada. The name Auchmar was derived from Buchanan’s aristocrat family owned estate in Scotland. This estate has a long history of many owners and residents after Buchanan’s passing in 1883. Notably, in 1943 the Royal Canadian Air Force rented the manor and converted the estate to a hospital for WWII veterans.

Photo set:


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