The Abandoned Horse Farm

This property was found off an old country road and upon approaching, we knew fairly quickly that this place had been abandoned for many years. With no posted address, it was a challenge to find any information on this property. This just added to the mystery.

Starting my explore in the old wooden structured barn, there seemed to be a theme of abandoned vehicles. An old Ford Ranger coated in dirt and dust was left next to rusted out machinery and farming equipment. There were an abundance of old relics and abandoned treasures within the barn.

Among a few other vehicles, there was a Suzuki Sidekick, Volkswagen Golf and Cutlass Supreme. Searching through another barn on the property with the entry covered with grape vines it was clear how old and long abandoned this place was.

The barn I was exploring once had horses with a near empty bottle of Tuttles Elixir and old harnesses. Making my way out of the barn I found an old rusted out well pump, which was an incredible find.

Searching the basement there were old wooden bowling pins, remains of an old washing machine and a little wood burning furnace likely from the 1930s. Next to this was an original Moffat oven from 1936. This was extremely rare to find and one of the highlights of the explore.

Although I unfortunately could not access the main house, I was very fortunate to explore this property. From the rare original 1930s appliances to the abandoned retro cars and farm machinery, it was all worth it.


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