The Self Portrait Set

Self portraits have had a longer history then most people would probably be aware of. It was one of the oldest art forms, reportedly originating from the early 1400’s and even research shows in prehistoric forms throughout Ancient Egyptian times some 5000 years ago. In fact, in 1839 a pharmasist named Robert Cornelius attempted and succeeded the first photographic self portrait. He was a little curious to see what could happen when he ran in front of the lens to pose while the shutter went off. And back in 1839, who could blame him!

Today, society has of course progressed and self portraits photography has advanced using various colors, mediums, depth and dimensions. In this photoset I shot, I posed using various light forms and played with ranging colors. Patience and a good timer had played a major part in creating this set. Photography has always been a creative passion for me and it is sometimes rewarding seeing what you can do with various styles of photography such as self portraits and balancing out the challenges and skill that is needed for a self critical photographer (being me!).

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